h e y , m y n a m e ' s t a s h a n

Always knew I was a creative from the first time I picked up a crayon. Constantly sketching and doodling as I grew up I always knew that I would pursue a creative career and in time I made that a reality. I'm currently devising creative concepts & thumb-stopping ads to be marketed across a variety of social platforms for brands such as Snapchat, Bimbo Bakery, Arm Technologies & Google Pixel.  I’m well versed in taking a good idea, and turning that into a living breathing entity, from creative concept through execution. Using design to engage, empower, and educate across print, screen, and space.

An intellectual explorer raised by the 90’s, seeking new experiences and challenges.
Email | T.jack929@gmail.com
Phone | 908·616·3057
Location | St. Petersburg, FL
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